Welcome to Beth Shalom

Welcome to Beth Shalom

Welcome to Beth ShalomWelcome to Beth ShalomWelcome to Beth Shalom

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Our Vision

We have a medical clinic in Brooklyn with a doctor and a nurse; we have ESL Immigrant classes; we host the AFI Bible Society publishers and their printed and ebook Bibles and Apps for Muslims and Jews; and we have Artists4Israel Theatre and many other services to the community and the world

Our Work Internationally and Locally

The Orthodox Jewish Bible in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish and the New Creation Muslim Bible are ubiquitous on the Internet and also hurting Muslims and Jews flee from Brooklyn's dry wasteland to Beth Shalom's oasis at 1410 Coney Island Ave


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Alright I'm looking at the doctrine of HaBiyah HaShniyah הביאה השנייה the Second Coming. And I'm looking at the Greek επισυναγω "to gather together" and I'm looking especially at the Greek letters εψιλον πι ιωτα σιγμα υψιλοννι αλφα γαμα ωμεγα. And I'm looking at this word επισυναγω which is a verb and also this word επισυναγω which is a verb (it's the same word) and then down here it's a noun (the same word επισυναγω but in a noun form instead of a verb) Notice Matthew 24:31; Mark 13:27 and Second Thessalonians 2:1 all have the same word επισυναγω which means "to gather together" and there's the HaBiyah HaShniyah הביאה השנייהthe Second Coming. Now there are those who insist on separating the rapture of the Saints and the Second Coming so that they become two different events with a considerable time interval between them. Continue on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUUwxxkd7TQ&t=301s

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Beth Shalom

1410 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, New York, New York 11230, United States

(212) 245-4188


Wednesday: 4 - 8 pm

Saturday: 1501 Richmond Ave (Staten Island) 11 A.M.

Sunday: 11:30 - 4:00 PM